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Creative Health & Birthing Arts

ivf baby Welcome to Creative Health & Birthing Arts where the traditional healing arts and woman craft live on.

Back in 1981 Janice Marsh-Prelesnik,owner and director of Creative Health & Birthing Arts (CHABA), began her journey as a traditional midwife. Through the years CHABA has blossomed into a natural health care business and learning center.

Currently we offer home birth midwifery services, massage therapy and herbal consults. We also offer quite an array of classes for those wishing to learn how to care for their families naturally or for those who wish to practice natural health care as a community healer.

Wanting to keep thiings simple CHABA continues to be a home based business. Clients are cared for in our cozy, home environment. Students learn around the kitchen table and in the gardens.

Here at Creative Health & Birthing Arts we believe it is through living close to nature and observing natural process that we can begin to understand natural healing, the seasons of pregnancy and motherbaby moon time. Please join us on this incredible journey!

Creative Health _ Birthing Arts
Janice Marsh-Prelesnik